Dives with Three Numbers


In order to compete with the Conroe Diving Club, your diver must become a member by registering and paying the annual dues. The annual dues are considered a tax-deductible donation and include a team t-shirt. Please contact membership@conroedivingclub.com for details on how to register. 

Competing - What you need to know about diving

Conroe Diving



Dives with Four Numbers

· Your coach will send a list of dives before the meet. Register well before the deadline, so your coach can double check your dives.  
· Know your dive list (including the numbers) before arriving to the meets. Have a printed copy to double check at registration.
· Always arrive on time! Your coach will let you know what time to be at the meet venue for check in and warm ups. Go by what your coach tells you. Event times are often adjusted based on the number of divers in each event, so the divemeets.com times may be incorrect.
· Wear your team suit or warm ups. On the award stand always wear your team shirt or warm ups, zipped up. · Bring extra towels.
· Get a good nights sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.
· Warm up and stretch.
· Check in with your coach as soon as you arrive, between every dive and before you leave between events.
· Cheer on all your teammates!
· Thank the host team.
· Remember you are representing our team, community and sponsors. Your actions matter!
· Be a good sport! Have fun!