The team is not funded by the City of Conroe or by a school district. Membership dues and fundraising activities are the only means of support the club has to fulfuill its mission. Conroe Diving Club strives to keep the cost of membership dues down, and in order to achieve this goal, we encourage ALL divers and parents to participate in team fundraisers.  Some of our fundraisers:

Our club hosts two diving meets each year, one each fall and one each spring. Not only are these great “home turf” meets for our younger divers to try out their newest dives, but they are major fundraisers. We need everyone’s help to make our meets successful, both in volunteering time and in donating supplies.

Each year our club holds a sponsorship drive. We ask families to seek out family, friends or business contacts who are willing to sponsor our team. It is a great way for us to spread the word about diving and at the same time is a great way for businesses to support us and gain some exposure in the advertising offered with the different levels of sponsorship. Below are the links to the sponsorship flyer and application for signing up new sponsors!
Sponsorship Application.pdf
Sponsorship Flyer.pdf

At times the club has participated in other fundraisers, such as dive-a-thons, garage sales, affiliate sales, etc. As these events come up we will let you know! 

Conroe Diving


Every sport has its price and diving is no exception! To help prepare you for potential costs, please read on.


The lesson fees are paid each month to the Conroe Aquatic Center to cover facility use and pay the coach. The amount per month varies based on residence location (within city limits receives a lower rate) and number of lessons per week. These are paid to the Aquatic Center each month. Pay before the 1st of the month to avoid a late fee and to ensure the payment to your coach is not delayed (payments received after the 1st are not processed to the coach until the following month). There is an online payment option, please see the Aquatic Center office for details.


ALL divers practicing or competing at the Conroe Aquatic Center must join the Amateur Athletic Union which provides insurance coverage for practices and events. The standard yearly membership fee is around $20.  In order to compete with the Conroe Diving Club, divers must be registered members with the club.  The club membership season runs from Sep. 1 to Aug. 31 each year. Membership dues are based on the diver's highest level of competition at the time of registration. Pro-rated, half-year membership dues will be available for those registering after the last competition in February. Membership dues ensure coaches can travel with the team and provide updated equipment for practicing. Register now


All team members are required to wear team suits at all meets. Higher level divers must wear team apparel when on the awards stand (suits,  shirts, warm ups, etc.) at meets. Please keep this in mind when purchasing items. Please see the Apparelpage for more information.


Meet Fees are required to register for each event. An event is the set of five to ten dives on a particular board. These fees will be paid to the team hosting the meet via the website and are usually $30-$45 per event. When first competing, your diver may compete about once per month. 

Coaching Fees are paid directly to the coach and are usually $10-$20 per event ($10-local meets, $15-regional and zones, $20-national championships). These fees are payment for coach's services the day of the meet. Please give your coach the meet fees in an envelope with your child's name the week before the meet.

Sanction Fees are paid to be a member of the sanctioning body which covers the insurance and liability for the practice and competition of the club. As mentioned above, ALL divers practicing or competing at the Conroe Aquatic Center must join the Amateur Athletic Union. Some meets may require membership in USA Diving.  This membership is not required unless indicated by your coach. 

Travel Expenses for the coaches are covered by the fundraising activities of the team and spent as the Board approves and the budget allows. If there are not enough funds after the yearly sponsorship drive, then a $50 travel fee per meet will be required for diver’s traveling with a CDC coach to meets more than 250 miles away. Divers personal travel expenses are not covered by the club. As your diver progresses, he or she may participate in more out of town meets which will incur expenses for transportation and hotels.